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It’s back! Youtube for Teachers Special

It’s been a while, sorry!

This post is all about YouTube, and has lots of useful channels for you!



Welcome to the first digital digest in a long while (sorry about that!).  This is a YouTube/Video special, and listed below are the best of the multitude of videos and channels available online.  Our students are part of the ‘post-Google’ generation – they are more likely to look something up on YouTube than Google.  This is by no means definitive, but it’s a good place to start.  Not sure if this is for you? Have a look at this… and this…


General – Where YouTube curate all their education videos. talks are now world famous and cover a wealth of subjects. – An alternative place to look if you can’t find something on YouTube. – Another alternative place to look, if you can’t find something on YouTube.  Good for documentaries., there is so much stuff on here, it is difficult to know where to start.  A great resource for almost every subject, designed as lesson in the most part.’s open course videos, as expected, a huge range of subjects covered. – Things to make you think.  – Crash Course Kids:  All the ‘Crash Course’ loveliness, but for younger viewers. Digital Studios – American channel PBS have a huge selection of online channels for anyone who is interested in learning things. RSA:  home of the ‘Animate’ series and much more. – A even bigger list than this one of useful YouTube Channels!

Teaching and Learning – more for the teacher than the student, lots of ideas for the classroom. – Is Google knowledge? Matters: all about the brain.

Science discusses the latest scientific developments, the history of science, and scientific concepts with equal parts enthusiasm and scepticism.  – ASAP Science shows the practical use of science in everyday life. There are lots of strange and interesting videos that they have uploaded that can also teach users about science. –  Veritasium: I would say these are probably more Physics based videos… Brain Scoop – Mostly Biology! Course Anatomy and Physiology: there are many crash courses and they are all good! Course Biology. Course Chemistry. great little animated videos for Physics.  – Periodic Videos – all things Chemistry. Every Day – exploring the world through science.

Maths videos about numbers, and for the love of numbers. in Real Life.

History Grey, a mixture of world history and politics. Course World History: there are many crash courses and they are all good! Great War: week by week accounts of the war.


(an embarrassingly neglected area of YouTube…)  – National Geographic.

Economics Course Economics: there are many crash courses and they are all good!

Business Studies Business Bee.

English Digital: Classics reimagined for YouTube. Course Literature: there are many crash courses and they are all good!! Authors: Google, like TED, host lectures on many topics. on Blank:  Authors and various other people of note on their books and other topics. of the Vernacular: English Language and word formation. Writer’s Workshop: things about writing. with Language.

PSHE frank, but very useful. to Adult. Person:  covers various PSHE issues.

Classics and Latin useful things. Latin.

Drama and Theatre Studies

(sorry there isn’t more…)  – GoogleTalks Broadway:  Google, like TED, host lectures on many topics.

Media – How to videos for tech stuff. Course Intellectual Property: there are many crash courses and they are all good! Golden Globes: Google, like TED, host lectures on many topics Oscars: Google, like TED, host lectures on many topics Films at Google: Google, like TED, host lectures on many topics Chatterbox – PBS Media things… Ideas Channel:  Covers almost all the A2 syllabus. FX: Digital Media skills.

ICT  – How to videos for tech stuff. Tech Talks.  all things computing.

MFL – Easy Languages: Learning based around street interviews. Videos for learning German. Germanized.

Art Art Assignment: PBS funded channel, which looks at Art in the USA and sets assignments to inspire. with Nate. Artist’s Palette:  Art meets many other subjects.

Psychology Course Psychology: there are many crash courses and they are all good. Craft: from PBS.

Music Music:  Google, like TED, host lectures on many topics. the Curtain.


January 2014 Finds…

General – this is a really usful PowerPoint of plenary ideas.

pinterest-icon – If you haven’t ventured there yet, Pinterest is an amazing place, full of useful classroom ideas, it has a specific category for education.

logo_edexcel1 – Edexcel have just released and app on Apple devices that allows you and students to access all past papers.  There is one for Google Play on its way.  Now they have no excuse!

quozio_logo –  A pretty quotation poster maker

logo-recite – Another, slightly funkier quotation poster maker

edpuzzle-1 – A video cropping website, works really well on my ipad, not so well on the school computers, but it really useful for finding ‘education friendly’ videos, without those pesky adverts popping up! – A site from various UK museums bringing together a vast collection of resources.

mqdefault – Lots of beautiful information videos.

8659e36bfcd527ac0c568b7cba3ef879 – a website that plays various white noises to put on in the background of your lessons.

apple_touch_icon – a ‘to-do’ list generator, that gives you one task at a time.

04-09-09 – a really good classroom timer website.

English and History

 NA-WW1-Centenary_Nov13_FBbanner851x315_v1-624x230 – The National Archives collection of WW1 diaries is now available online.


 susan-boyle-twitter-poem – a fun poetry tool, students’ work can be published on Twitter.


 al  – an app for playing with Physics.

unnamed –  An interactive periodic table that allows you to drag the elements together to see how they will react.

OpenLearn_logo – an excellent resource on evolution.

press_image_01_100517 – a resource for exploring reproduction and genetics.


909-logo-minds-of-modern-mathematics-encyclopedia-by-ibm-on-ipad-iphone-iedume-top-kids-math-history-learning-english-reference-app – A Maths app celebrating great mathematicians and their contribution to the world.


inspirational-wingclips-logo – Inspirational film clips


flip – a flipbook animation website, really easy to use!


headerlogo – lots of Geography games.

4863646012_95d4be58c9 – a site from the BBC putting size in perspective.


 codeacademy – a ‘teach yourself’ to code website.

5 minute plan – another version

I am loving @Teachertoolkit ‘s 5 minute lesson plan, so I made one for my own use, please feel free to nick and adapt and reuse!

Revised 5 min lesson plan 

Revised 5 min lesson plan

Revised 5 min lesson plan

November finds 1…

General – MIT site with free lecture, videos and lesson resources on many subjects. – a list of resources on how to turn your worksheets and lesson materials into your own digital text books. – some great examples of student made presentations using nothing more technical than paper and pen. – a site that allows you to both create online quizzes for your students and use others created by teachers all over the world. – a great resource on questioning techniques.

ISC – lots of games to play online that teach about various social and humanitarian issues. – a guide to digital literacy.

Art – an excellent Art history site provided by Khan Academy.

Science – Science lab simulations for online and blended learning. – a website by Nottingham Trent University about famous scientist.

English – great Speaking and Listening resource. – 75 ideas for student feedback on literature. – using popular music to teach simile and metaphor.

Learning support – a list of the top 200 web resources for learning support teachers.

Business studies – a breakeven simulator.

Drama – not sure if this is any good, but it looked comprehensive.

January Finds 2

General – a great blog on ‘having a go’ with tech. – a presentation on Twitter for teachers and the huge amount of CPD that is available for free on it. – Open University project of short films about thought. – how the brain works and thinking skills. – make any image into a large poster. – another way for students to display work. – a site for searching through the huge amount so ‘creative commons’ copyright free things on the web. – I haven’t tried this yet, but it looks like it could be promising.  A simple way of producing podcasts for your students. – a really good web based screen recording tool.  Great for ‘how to’ videos for programmes you use. – Makes lovely tag and word clouds.

Physics – Nasa site for education ‘Eyes on the Earth’

Geography – Nasa site for education ‘Eyes on the Earth’

Psychology – Open University project of short films about thought. – how the brain works and thinking skills.

Music – a silly but fun way of making music.

MFL – allows you to translate a whole website into another language and then look at each word in turn.

Welcome to 2012 – New Year finds…

General – being a lazy teacher… – lots of plenary ideas. – so many films here, great for the humanities, mentioned before but always worth a mention again.

English – teaching with hula-hoops (particularly good for ‘An Inspector Calls’ – poems usings newspapers and a felt-tip! – One word appears at the top of the page – you have 60 seconds to write about it – great for starters… – teaching simile with rap and hip hop.

Georgraphy – online geography games.

History – history teaching through the years.

MFL – teaching with authentic texts.

Science – lots of useful science teaching links.

Media Studies – lots of useful media things…


November finds 2

General – an online wall to stick stuff on! – a really simple website creator. – lots of games to play on lots of subjects and you can create your own. – a rather slick looking timeline creator.

Science – Augmented reality for use in science.

Maths – great tool for teaching rotations

Geography – lots of different maps and animations representing populaiton, product etc

Music – a really simple grid based tool for composition – a map representation of the development of metal music.

November Finds

General – allows you to create fake ‘Facebook’ page for a character in a book or a person in history. – 10 reasons to get  on Twitter! – an infographic website, lots of subjects covered in many beautiful ways.

English – absolutely brilliant issuu published book of class poems! – a video on teaching grammar from the TES. – a writing sharing website.

Media – an excellent resource on music video and postmodernism. – A great resource for colour design. – an excellent media teaching resource.

Really useful creative tools! – you can make a long collage/timeline – good for the moodboard or research into the history of your genre. – again a timeline/collage tool – a way of making extremely whizzy film like presentations. See Mrs B for a login!

And don’t forget our old friends”>

Move over Wikipedia – this is much more fun!

This is another way to present things… quite fun