A place where teachers can meet by webcam and discuss teachery things. American, but interesting.
An education and technology blog, lots of good ideas and some interesting articles.

pinterest-icon – If you haven’t ventured there yet, Pinterest is an amazing place, full of useful classroom ideas, it has a specific category for education. – a great resource on questioning techniques. – a quick and easy way to store all your lesson resources in one place for the students to get at their convenience. – a good way of starting the year, a new project or the term. – a great blog on ‘having a go’ with tech. – a presentation on Twitter for teachers and the huge amount of CPD that is available for free on it. – I haven’t tried this yet, but it looks like it could be promising.  A simple way of producing podcasts for your students. – a really good web based screen recording tool.  Great for ‘how to’ videos for programmes you use.  lots of interactive resources for a variety of subjects. Many reasons why we should be evolving the way we teach… – what are the 21st century skills we should be teaching our students? – being a lazy teacher… – 10 reasons to get  on Twitter!



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