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October finds 1…

General  – a quick and easy way to store all your lesson resources in one place for the students to get at their convenience. – lots of ways to get the students thinking at the start of the lesson. – an easy way to make gifs (simply animated pictures). – it’s been on here before, and it deserves to be on again an excellent resource for old footage on a variety of topics.

ISC – lots of video, resources and lesson plans on citizenship and RE subjects.

Chemistry – an interactive periodic table.

English – exactly what is says, a site with an ‘unused’ word of the day.

Geography – a page of the earth’s webcams, mostly real time too.



February finds 1…

General – a clever way of defining learning outcomes. – a good way of starting the year, a new project or the term. – what Wordle does for words, this does for picture, great for digital display. – allows you to make little films of you sketching something, useful for ‘how to’ demonstrations – Instructional animations on many topics. – Spelling wizard, a way for students to learn topic specific spellings.

Maths – the Fibonacci sequence in nature.

Geography – lots of online Geography quizzes

Science – quicktime aninmations for all aspects of Science.

English – downloadable and streamable free audio books. – Great tool for teaching sentence structure. – a really great way of planning your arguments.


History – Interactive map of Europe. – the Anne Frank site.

January Finds 2

General – a great blog on ‘having a go’ with tech. – a presentation on Twitter for teachers and the huge amount of CPD that is available for free on it. – Open University project of short films about thought. – how the brain works and thinking skills. – make any image into a large poster. – another way for students to display work. – a site for searching through the huge amount so ‘creative commons’ copyright free things on the web. – I haven’t tried this yet, but it looks like it could be promising.  A simple way of producing podcasts for your students. – a really good web based screen recording tool.  Great for ‘how to’ videos for programmes you use. – Makes lovely tag and word clouds.

Physics – Nasa site for education ‘Eyes on the Earth’

Geography – Nasa site for education ‘Eyes on the Earth’

Psychology – Open University project of short films about thought. – how the brain works and thinking skills.

Music – a silly but fun way of making music.

MFL – allows you to translate a whole website into another language and then look at each word in turn.

Welcome to 2012 – New Year finds…

General – being a lazy teacher… – lots of plenary ideas. – so many films here, great for the humanities, mentioned before but always worth a mention again.

English – teaching with hula-hoops (particularly good for ‘An Inspector Calls’ – poems usings newspapers and a felt-tip! – One word appears at the top of the page – you have 60 seconds to write about it – great for starters… – teaching simile with rap and hip hop.

Georgraphy – online geography games.

History – history teaching through the years.

MFL – teaching with authentic texts.

Science – lots of useful science teaching links.

Media Studies – lots of useful media things…


December finds…

General  allows you zoom into any picture on the web – lots of teaching uses…  lots of interactive resources for a variety of subjects. Many reasons why we should be evolving the way we teach… Anyone out there Geocache?  Well now you can Educache… – what are the 21st century skills we should be teaching our students?


Media Learning to blog using paper

Music and possibly physics?  – music video with a graph making… or something like that!

Science – many many Science videos. Beautiful stop motion water cycle – video of a massive aquarium – beautiful.

English  – an amazing timeline of English documents from the British Library.

And two interesting infographics…


October Finds 2


A place where teachers can meet by webcam and discuss teachery things. American, but interesting.

Allows you to make shaped word clouds.

A mind mapping tool, good for organisation.

Highest common factor domino game.
Adding fractions with different denominators


A ‘Google Maps’ type application that lets you find newspapers from all over the world in  many different languages.

A website offering various tools to help MFL teachers.


Magnetic online poetry inspired by some lovely backgrounds.

A website from Scholastic all about reading and books.
Great writing prompts on various things.


An amazing looking website on all things Geography.


Converts written text to speech and mp3s.

Music Tech

‘Plays’ a website – not sure what the point is, but it is fun.


A collaborative history site full of photos and personal stories.