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November finds 1…

General – MIT site with free lecture, videos and lesson resources on many subjects. – a list of resources on how to turn your worksheets and lesson materials into your own digital text books. – some great examples of student made presentations using nothing more technical than paper and pen. – a site that allows you to both create online quizzes for your students and use others created by teachers all over the world. – a great resource on questioning techniques.

ISC – lots of games to play online that teach about various social and humanitarian issues. – a guide to digital literacy.

Art – an excellent Art history site provided by Khan Academy.

Science – Science lab simulations for online and blended learning. – a website by Nottingham Trent University about famous scientist.

English – great Speaking and Listening resource. – 75 ideas for student feedback on literature. – using popular music to teach simile and metaphor.

Learning support – a list of the top 200 web resources for learning support teachers.

Business studies – a breakeven simulator.

Drama – not sure if this is any good, but it looked comprehensive.


October Finds 2


A place where teachers can meet by webcam and discuss teachery things. American, but interesting.

Allows you to make shaped word clouds.

A mind mapping tool, good for organisation.

Highest common factor domino game.
Adding fractions with different denominators


A ‘Google Maps’ type application that lets you find newspapers from all over the world in  many different languages.

A website offering various tools to help MFL teachers.


Magnetic online poetry inspired by some lovely backgrounds.

A website from Scholastic all about reading and books.
Great writing prompts on various things.


An amazing looking website on all things Geography.


Converts written text to speech and mp3s.

Music Tech

‘Plays’ a website – not sure what the point is, but it is fun.


A collaborative history site full of photos and personal stories.