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February finds 1…

General – a clever way of defining learning outcomes. – a good way of starting the year, a new project or the term. – what Wordle does for words, this does for picture, great for digital display. – allows you to make little films of you sketching something, useful for ‘how to’ demonstrations – Instructional animations on many topics. – Spelling wizard, a way for students to learn topic specific spellings.

Maths – the Fibonacci sequence in nature.

Geography – lots of online Geography quizzes

Science – quicktime aninmations for all aspects of Science.

English – downloadable and streamable free audio books. – Great tool for teaching sentence structure. – a really great way of planning your arguments.


History – Interactive map of Europe. – the Anne Frank site.


November finds 2

General – an online wall to stick stuff on! – a really simple website creator. – lots of games to play on lots of subjects and you can create your own. – a rather slick looking timeline creator.

Science – Augmented reality for use in science.

Maths – great tool for teaching rotations

Geography – lots of different maps and animations representing populaiton, product etc

Music – a really simple grid based tool for composition – a map representation of the development of metal music.

October Finds 2


A place where teachers can meet by webcam and discuss teachery things. American, but interesting.

Allows you to make shaped word clouds.

A mind mapping tool, good for organisation.

Highest common factor domino game.
Adding fractions with different denominators


A ‘Google Maps’ type application that lets you find newspapers from all over the world in  many different languages.

A website offering various tools to help MFL teachers.


Magnetic online poetry inspired by some lovely backgrounds.

A website from Scholastic all about reading and books.
Great writing prompts on various things.


An amazing looking website on all things Geography.


Converts written text to speech and mp3s.

Music Tech

‘Plays’ a website – not sure what the point is, but it is fun.


A collaborative history site full of photos and personal stories.

October Finds 1

Generally useful stuff:

Allows you to cut inappropriate things from YouTube links and videos, just paste in the video’s url to generate one to give to the pupils.

Easy to use and does what it says on the tin!

An education and technology blog, lots of good ideas and some interesting articles.


A kinaesthetic approach to teaching loci.


Ebooks for science teachers.

Teaching Physics using ‘Portal’

Biology site with lots of resources.


Reads books aloud – has many Spanish titles. 14 day free trial available.

Lots of free basic language resources.


Many, many art things.

Art lessons plans and resources.